Thursday, October 18, 2007

So there's an idea I've had in my insomniac moments that a great work of literature is one that can be summed up in the form of a Godzilla haiku; if it cannot be, it is not a great work of literature.

Usually I come on to this musing as I'm trying to sleep; I make a few haikus and forget about it.
Today Laurel and Megan convinced me to start writing them down.

Here's the few we put together at lunch today:

Lord of the Flies
Pacific island
Boys exploring governance
Godzilla says "Snacks!"
Romeo and Juliet
Can true love exist
For Godzilla and Mothra?
Double suicide.
Scarlet Letter
Mothra's a hussy
Godzilla's in the clergy
Hot romance ensues
Ghost dad wants vengeance
Godzilla pretends madness
Everybody dies.
Gone with the Wind
In the Civil War
Godzilla couldn't care less.
Mothra wears curtains.
Godzilla's jealous
Of Mothra and Cassio
O.J.'s not guilty
Moby Dick
Call me Godzilla
Queequeg invites me to lunch
The whale interrupts.

So, that's what we did off the top of our heads.
Suggestions? Additions? Any literature you'd like to see Haiku-ed?

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Nathan said...

The Sandman books:
Dream--life eternal,
Keeps Godzilla in a box,
Mortal smacks him dead.