Friday, October 31, 2003

One: first post. Yea! Yadda yadda.

Two: Tonight's Halloween. It sucks here. No, serious. Nobody decorates, really. We stuck up spiderwebs and jack-o-lanterns and people thought it was really cool. Whoopdi-doo. Jeez, where I used to live, they considered Halloween a success if the little kiddies were too scared to come to the door. If it was really good, the older kids would look freaked out too.

Oh, and these folks that take a basket of candy and set it on their porch? Public hanging/whipping/burning/shooting is too good for them. How can a kid grow up without a good Halloween? Always was my favorite holiday.

Because, you know, everything changed. It was incredible. People put effort into these awesome home made costumes so everyone looked different and decorations and candy and coming into our friend's apartment out of the cold and drinking hot chocolate and picking out a big chocolate bar, oh man, how can a kid grow up without that? It's the most beautiful holiday, and I fear I will never see a real Halloween again for some time.

Maybe it's the neighborhood. Stupid upper-middle-class suburbs. Everything's so blood, so bloody, I dunno, clean and kosher. We can't do anything original to our houses, we can't have something that doesn't fit the montony of the neighborhood, I mean, how do houses get any personality?

Oh, and I can't stand yuppie parents. You know: the sort that says "Let's take the monsters out of Halloween. It scares the kids, anyway." The kids are bloody thrilled with the monsters. It's like wanting to take the blood out of children's stories. Look, kids don't mind blood as long as it's shed by the richly deserving. And, well, you know the little mermaid? She died and disolved into sea foam. The story ended, well, beautifully. No sappily and happily.

Oh. gtg.