Saturday, November 01, 2003

Today I went to Borders(Yea!). I love bookstores. I was looking for a new book by Orson Scott Card, one of the world's greatest authors, called the Crystal City, the sixth book in his bloody brill Alvin Maker series. He posted the first third on his website,, and hooked me. Of course, my incessant need to finish book series prompted me to go for it too, but still. . .(wonderful series, really)

Get this: Crystal City was supposed to come out the first of November(today). But Borders doesn't get it until the tenth. Augh!


Instead I found another new book of his: Robota. Absolutely incredible, though the writing, I feel, might have been better and the illustrations and the writing didn't always fit together well. It was essentially an action book(which I have no problem with). I think it would be great made into a movie with a good special effects team, like Star Wars--a direction in which I think Chiang's talents are better suited. I didn't buy it, at its thirty-five dollar price tag, especially considering I was carrying only twenty-five bucks.

Moving on: Have ya'll ever tried chai? Great stuff. And today I was able to buy a big can of chai mix(yea!). So tonight I plan on mixing up some iced chai and seeing if it's good from the mix.

Afterwards, had to drain our pool and get it ready to put over the winter cover. Problem: My labrador, Kipper, hangs out in the garage sometimes. She got at the pool cover and chewed through pretty far. So my dad and I had to patch several holes in it today, and we have to wait for a while for the glue to dry. Which will mean I have to do pool work tomorrow. When I need to be finishing homework.

Homework I should probably be doing right now, but I'm a great procrastinator. Gotta write an essay comparing a movie and the book it's based off. And I've got a Spanish project. But I'll probably spend tonight writing my own stories. Might post the result in the early morn.

Be seein' ya. Take care of yourself, now.
No inspiration for another good post. *sniff*. My earlier long one didn't work. I suppose I'll post what I write tonight in the morn.
Erm.. . posting issues... let's see if this works.